Here at Choice Jade Photography, we make it our constant goal to create an exceptional experience for each and every one of our clients from start to finish. Producing beautiful images that showcase their style and personality is merely one part of this process. We pour our heart and soul into every step, from first contact to product delivery.

Don’t just take our word for it! Below are testimonials from our past clients sharing their experience. We call them “love letters” because these kind words make us feel super special, appreciated, and, most of all, loved.

(If you have worked with us before, we would LOVE to hear from you as well.)

Maternity photos in klondike park

“These photos are absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I know I have said it before but thank you so much! You will be the first person I will always recommend when someone needs photos. You have such a gift!”

–Sara & Jeff

St. Charles Riverfront Engagement, 圣路易斯华人婚礼摄影,华人摄影师,圣路易斯华人摄影,圣路易斯华人订婚照

“David put so much time and effort into every step of the process. Communication was very smooth and prompt from the first day we contacted him. He had our photos edited and ready to be viewed faster than expected, and he was exceedingly patient as we and our friends looked over the photos at the reveal session. He even hand-delivered the prints we ordered. The photos were beautiful and very artsy. Overall, a very personalized experience. David will give you all of the attention you deserve for your special occasion.”

–Rachel & Logan

“Having David as our photographer was one of the best wedding features!… I could not have picked a better photographer…. We could not have done a cross-country wedding without him!… David will make sure you love your pictures…. he was on top of everything!… He really acted like wedding planner!… David truly understands how to keep the experience personal…. Photos… turned out so well, we did 40 spreads [for our wedding album]!!! Choose Choice Jade Photography for your wedding and pick the whole day package! You won’t regret it!”

–Erica & Mark

Rocky Butte engagement by Portland wedding photographer Choice Jade Photography

“We were lucky enough to have David take our engagement photos. There was 100% communication every step of the way. The edited photos were presented in a professional and timely manner. We are very pleased with the photographs. He gave us 100% care and attention and made us feel like stars of the show during the shoot. David will make sure you get all of the attention that you and your loved one deserve.”

–Leeanna & Sean



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