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Planning a perfect wedding is a daunting task because we all know that doing something you’ve never done before can get a bit overwhelming. Our “For Brides” series is an ever-growing list of resources to help you with that, whether you’re a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be. We have come up with tips and tricks for every step of the wedding planning process, from finding the best vendors in St. Louis, to planning a perfect St. Louis wedding, to preparing for your engagement session in and around St. Louis, to designing a elegant, timeless photo album. Following these tips and tricks will save you a lot of stress and headache.

  1. 5 Amazing New Wedding Venues in St. Louis Worth Checking Out
  2. Journal-Inspired Photo Album for the Chic Brides
  3. Erica and Mark’s Wedding Album
  4. How to Design a Wedding Album You’ll Love 50 Years from Now
  5. Our Album Design Process
  6. 20 Secrets to Planning Your Perfect Wedding
  7. 8 Questions You Must Ask a Wedding Vendor before Booking Them
best indoor location for photos in St. Louis
Best Indoor Locations for Photos in St. Louis
Having their own studio is probably every photographer's dream. It's definitely on my bucket list. But I prefer to shoot on location, whether it's in a park, at a street corner, or in the client's home: these are places where peop ...
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rustic wedding ceremony at New Town Wedding Chapel in St. Charles, MO
Our Wedding Photography Workflow
Everything we do here at Choice Jade Photography is perfectly streamlined. And to give our couples all the attention they deserve, we only take on a small number of weddings each year. Here's the wedding photography workflow that ...
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gorgeous bouquet for a St. Francis Xavier College Church wedding
How to Find the RIGHT Wedding Photographer for YOU
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amazing new wedding venue in St. Louis Sunset Bluffs
5 Amazing New Wedding Venues in St. Louis Worth Checking Out
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Central West End Engagement photo by St. Louis wedding photographer
Easy Tips for Fresh, Timeless Engagement Photos
Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to shoot. I can take my time and get creative. And it's also an awesome opportunity for the couple to let their personality and style shine through. And I LOVE exploring with them ...
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album spread details of legend album by woodland albums, engagement album, wedding album, choice jade photography, wedding photographers in st. louis, st. louis wedding photographers
Journal-Inspired Photo Album for the Chic Brides
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wedding album, red tree albums, st. louis wedding photographer, catholic wedding at snow shrine belleville il and St Teresa of the Child Jesus
Erica and Mark’s Wedding Album
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How to Design a Wedding Album You’ll Love 50 Years from Now
Now that you have your wedding photos back from your photographer, it's time to design the album! This is an important but demanding task. If your photographer's artistic vision is totally in line with yours, then, good for you, y ...
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wedding album, album design, Woodland legend album, fine art album, leather album
Our Album Design Process
We usually design wedding albums for our couples. Just as we don't outsource photo editing, we don't outsource album design either. We only shoot a small number of weddings each year and spend most of our time creating the best cu ...
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20 Secrets to Planning Your Perfect Wedding
From timing to budgeting to breaking in your shoes, here are some tips the experts really want you to know. 1) What’s the Rush? Sure, you’re excited when you get engaged, but don’t act impulsively, says Cathy Johnson of Cathy Jo ...
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