Matted Folios and Albums

Your Perfect Tabletop Companion with a Vintage Flare

Matted Folios and Folio Albums are handcrafted from archival mat board and covered with fine linens and silks. They are designed to be your loyal tabletop companion: you can easily swap out the photos without changing their character. With different sizes and a variety of covers to choose from, you’ll sure be able to find a Matted Folio or Album that agrees with your aesthetic.


Product images are provided by the lab.


1. Choose a Folio or Album:

Matted Folios are foldable and hold 2 to 4 prints in archival rag mat board. These simple heirlooms are perfect for portraits, weddings, or gifts. Available in several common print sizes.

Matted Folio Albums are handmade with archival mat board and hold 6 to 14 prints. They open up and close like a regular album.

Top: Matted Folio Album; bottom, Matte Folio (trifold)

2. Choose Your Size:

Both Matted Folios and Folio Albums come in several common sizes. Note that Matted Folios are only available in square and vertical sizes.

Matted Folio Sizes:

  • 8×10 (v):
  • 8×8:
  • 5×7 (v):
  • 5×5:
  • 4×6 (v):

Matted Folio Album Sizes:

  • 8×10 (v+h):
  • 8×8:
  • 5×7 (v+h):
  • 5×5:
  • 4×6 (v+h):

3. Choose the Number of Prints:

Matted Folios hold 2 to 4 prints:

  • 8×10 (v): Bifold, $210; Trifold, $240.
  • 8×8: Bifold, $210; Trifold, $240.
  • 5×7 (v): Bifold, $120; Trifold, $150; Quadfold, $180.
  • 5×5: Bifold, $120; Trifold, $150; Quadfold, $180.
  • 4×6 (v): Bifold, $120; Trifold, $150; Quadfold, $180.

*Prints included.

Matted Folio Albums hold 6 to 14 prints:

  • 8×10 (v+h): $375
  • 8×8: $375
  • 5×7 (v+h): $300
  • 5×5: $255
  • 4×6 (v+h): $255

*Prices include 6 prints. Add $21 for every two extra prints sizes 4×6 to 5×7. Add $30 for every two extra prints sizes 8×8 and up. Add $60 for Luxe Linen.

4. Choose Your Cover Material:

Both Matted Folios and Matted Folio Albums come in fine linen and silk covers, with a variety of beautiful colors to choose from.


100% pure linen sourced from the European countryside, handcrafted and bound with your photographs for a timeless heirloom.

Add $60 for Luxe Linen.


Add $40 for Pure Linen, or $20 for Natural Linen.

Please Note: Midnight Black and Almond do not deboss as well as the others. Each fabric has unique texture, thus some deboss better than others. You can still deboss any fabric, but the debossing will look best on other fabrics.


5. Add Debossing:

6. Bundle and Save:

  • 20% off for a second Matted Folio or Matted Folio Album (same cover material, same size or smaller);
  • 25% off for a second and a third Matted Folios or Matted Folio Albums (same cover material, same size or smaller).

Ready to make your first heirloom that will be cherished for generations?