Memory Albums

An affordable quality album that will last for years to come.

Here at Choice Jade Photography, crafting tangible memories that last is our mission. We believe that every couple deserves a quality album that passes the best memories of their big day to their kids and grandkids, regardless of budget.

Our Memory Album collection offers an affordable option without compromising quality. It’s perfect for couples who would love to have something tangible to hold onto and yet feel a bit discouraged by the higher price tags of our Signature Albums.


Images provided by the lab.


All of our Memory Albums are flush-mounted, printed on strong and durable lay-flat pages. Available in 2 thicknesses. With 13 covers to choose from, all made from premium materials.

1. Choose Your Album Cover:

Your choice of cover material won’t affect the album price. So feel free to choose your favorite one!!!

  • 9 Genuine Leather Covers
  • 2 100% Cotton Linen Covers
  • 2 Photo Covers




2. Choose Your Album Size:
  • 12×12: $750
  • 10×10: $500
  • 8×12/12×8: $650
  • 8×10/10×8: $450
  • 8×8: $400
  • 5×5: $300

*Prices include 20 pages with thin pages.

3. Choose Page Thickness:

All Memory Albums are printed on Kodak Professional Lustre Photo Paper:

  • Thin pages: as a penny, 100 pages maximum.
  • Thick pages (add $50): as a dime, 50 pages maximum.
4. Add More Pages:
  • Thin pages: in increments of 10, add $60 for every 10 pages.
  • Thick pages: in increments of 10, add $90 for every 10 pages.
5. Add Foil Stamping:
  • Add $25 (example here).
  • Only available for standard leather and linen covers.
  • (Workaround available for photo covers.)
6. Add Parent Albums:

Parent Albums are duplicate copies of the same album you’ve just designed, but cost only half as much!!!